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June 24, 2020

From single vision to blue light blockers Loch has it all!

Are you new to the world of vision care and looking for your first pair of prescription lenses ?  Or maybe you are looking to switch from the type of lenses you have always used.  Whatever the case, Loch Effects offers every lens type complete with the most sophisticated technology and coatings; all available to be fitted in Loch’s exclusive line of Canadian-made frames.

Let’s look at the prescription types first, or in other words, how the lens will correct your vision:

Single Vision

Single vision lenses correct one field of vision as determined by your prescription: near, intermediate, or distance.


Progressive lenses correct near, intermediate, and distance fields of vision in one lens.


Readers do not require a prescription and offer simple magnification for up-close activities.

Now let’s move on to the lens technology available for any prescription type:

Blue Blockers

Loch’s blue light blocking lenses filter out the harmful blue light projected by most mobile devices and computer screens.  If you are in front of a screen for a good portion of the day, you may want to consider protecting your eyes with Loch’s next-gen Blue Blockers.


Transition lenses know when you are outside and quickly transition from clear to dark, blocking out UV rays and allowing you to use one pair of glasses for inside and outside activities.

Polarized Sunglasses

Loch’s polarized sunglasses cut out glare, enhance clarity and contrast while blocking out harmful UV rays, absorbing 85% of visible light.  They are available in grey, green or bronze tints and you can even request custom mirrored options.

Lastly, we have coatings and lens thicknesses to round out all the options:

Anti-reflective coating

This coating is applied to the backside of the lens and greatly reduces reflections that bounce off the lens and into the eye. All Loch lenses come standard with AR protection.

Anti-scratch coating

All Loch lenses come with a hard coat that helps reduce the chance of your lenses being scratched.

1.67 High Index lens

Recommended for prescriptions thicker than -/+4, a high index upgrade will greatly reduce the thickness and weight of the lenses for a more comfortable and better looking pair of glasses.

That about does it!  Talk to a Loch customer service representative to better understand how these options can be combined to provide you with the best vision experience possible.