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There are two main ways to use benefits to buy Loch eyewear online:

1. FSA & HSA Card:

If you have an FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account) card, you can purchase right through the website checkout process.  If you don’t have an FSA or HSA card, or have a different type of vision benefit package, simply follow step 2 below.

2. Vision Insurance Claim

To submit a claim for partial or full purchase reimbursement, most vision benefits providers follow a three step process:

i) Ask your benefits provider for a reimbursement form and fill it out.

ii) Attach your itemized invoice from Loch Effects.  If you require a different format compared to Loch’s standard invoice, just contact customer service and they will take care of it for you.

iii) Submit your reimbursement form and invoice to your benefits provider.