Try-At-Home Sample Pack

Customer try-at-home sample pack.  Keep none, some or all of the items you try on.  Notify Loch which items, if any you want and we will process the order for you. 

From the date of shipment, you have 7 days total to try-on and ship back the sample set.  A return label will be shipped with the kit to send back the unwanted items.  We need to receive the items back within 7 days from the date you authorize the hold on your card.  If you need more time just connect with us before the end of the 6th day and we can do that for you.  The items also need to be in new condition meaning no wear and tear or scratched lenses.  Failure to do so could result in the capturing of part or all of the credit card hold amount.  Any discounts applied will be from the discount available on the date you confirm purchase, not the date you submit your try-on selections.